My Weather Map - NOAA Radar and Weather Forecasts App Reviews

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Not lmpressed

Had this app less than 5 minutes and it has crashed at least 6 times. Kind of thinking it isnt worth the $2.00.

Great program

Use it all the time, I love it.

Mickey Mouse app

There is much better out there.


There are over 2500 weather apps in the store. I spent last sunday going over several hundred before I found this one. It is absolutely perfect for my needs. If you are an outdoors person who needs an accurate and timely forecast for an obscure mountain in the wilds of Wyoming (or anywhere else in the continental US) this app can literally save you life. This is the best weather app there is for the active outdoors person. Actually, this just might be the the best weather app no matter who you are! It richly deserves every one of my five stars!


Fast ...accurate...its what I need! It must be ...I seem to be using it a lot.

not that great

This app takes over 10 seconds to download and longer if you add more locations to your cache. The radar overlay obscures the names of the cities so they are hard to read. I prefer my Weatherbug app or my radarscope app. I am deleting this app.

Love this app, but...

I dont know if its my connection or the app, otherwise I would give 5 stars. When it works, its perfection. When it doesnt, the radar wont load. Without the radar, the app is very weak.


I have been looking for the last year or so to find a radar in motion app to replace my old one that doesnt have any support anymore. This one is it! If this doesnt make it to the number one app spot in the weather section i will really be surprised… They have a era good start here and i hope it does real well.. Dont hesitate, just get it you will not be disappointed..

Very very useful!

Update, Nov 2014. I contacted the app support team because the density of the green rain color was blocking out the map underneath. They replied within hours, told me exactly where the adjusting bar could be found. Did what they suggested and now I can see both the rain band and the map underneath. This app and the support just continues to amaze. Wow! I iogot this two weeks ago. We have had a lot of thunderstorms and Then a persistent high pressure to the east. Temperatures in upper nineties. The weather radar tracked the storms beautifully. It just happened a few times the storm split to our north and south (Missing us) and the radar showed exactly where the separate parts went and the intensity of the storms. As a clincher, this app is super user friendly and easy to use. We had thought about making a trip to Gettysburg and we could check out the weather there and in the point in between. Helped us decide to wait. Love it!

NOAA weather app

Would like to see temperatures in numbers. Not color-coded. Also would like to see Wind speeds in numbers, not color-coded. Was not happy with my purchase.

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